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Ezekiel Azonwu

Son of Nigerian Immigrants, Ezekiel is no stranger to making the most of what is given to him. Yet he's wasted no time making his mark in the genre of spoken word.  Hard hitting poems like "Almost Saved" and "Silence is Deadly" have had a viral effect on Online and warranted a demand that has led to perform on countless stages across the Globe. As Husband and father of four, Ezekiel strives to exude his Passion for Christ and love people through his gift with words.


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Ezekiel is offering Poetry Mentorship for poets and aspiring poets who desire to sharpen their writing craft.  Spoken Word is brilliant tool to express truths that can often impact lives permanently.  Ezekiel encourages poets to embrace their unique identities, yet challenges them to reinforce weak areas.  This virtual skype session is for anyone, anywhere in the world with Skype and a WIFI connection.  Participants can expect to be equipped with skills to structure pieces, utilize literary devices such as metaphors, abstract metaphors, personification, illustration, rhyme scheme, alliteration and more.  Participants also have the opportunity to share a piece that Ezekiel will critique and give constructive feedback on! Currently the cost of a one hour session is 60.00 USD. Sign Up Below if interested.  Once form is submitted, an invoice will be sent, once paid, an appointment will be arranged with you.


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